Our Family Law Team understands the emotional turmoil and financial reality many people face in matters of family law. We will assist and guide you through the issues and the process for your unique family law situation.

Family law matters most often arise upon the breakdown of a family or when spouses decide to separate. However, family matters can also happen at other significant life events, such as moving in with a romantic/conjugal partner, getting married, or adding a child to your family.


What we do

We provide services and advice on a broad range of family law issues including:

Who we are

 Our unique team

Our team consists of four lawyers from a range of backgrounds and years of experience:

Our Family Law Team has over 50 years’ experience providing advice on family law issues, both inside and outside of the court process. We provide effective representation and advice in negotiations and courtroom litigation, particularly in relation to complex family issues. We focus on solutions and results for you and your family.
We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting agreements, both for separating and non-separating spouses/couples. Our lawyers practice collaborative family law, provide mediation services and arbitration services.


We have experience representing clients before various levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (Family Division), the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Family Court in the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Federal Court of Canada.


Our Family Law Team provides high quality services and a collaborative approach to best meet our clients’ needs. The benefits of our approach are threefold: first, our lawyers commit to a high level of organization and work product for each client’s matter; second, we strive to reduce costs by distributing the work efficiently and seamlessly; and, third, our lawyers can draw upon each other’s experiences, rather than work in isolation, to enhance the legal advice and services we provide.


Full-service benefits

As one of the largest law firms in Halifax practicing family law, we offer our clients the benefits of a full-service law firm. Often family matters overlap into other areas of law, such as real estate, criminal, wills and estates, corporate/business, or employment. Our Family Law Team works closely with our other practice groups to best serve our clients.


What to expect

Initial consultation/meeting

Prior to scheduling an initial consultation or meeting with a member of our Family Law Team, our staff will ask you for certain information about your matter to complete a conflicts search. Following the conflicts search, our staff may provide you with a questionnaire to complete to provide us with further information about your matter. This information helps focus our initial consultation on the issues that matter most to you.


For new clients, we first meet for an initial consultation at our office.  During the initial consultation, we gather information to determine how we can assist with your legal needs.


Depending on your circumstances, our lawyers are available to assist with a range of services from a full retainer arrangement where the lawyer represents your on all aspects of your family law matter, to unbundled/coaching services where your represent yourself and consult with the lawyer as needed.

Full retainer

In a full retainer, we will represent you in all aspects of your legal matter including communications/negotiations with the opposing side, communications with the court, written and oral submissions before the court or mediation, engagement of experts (where applicable), witness preparation, evidence preparation, document preparation and more. We will provide you with a detailed retainer letter or email setting out the specific terms of our retainer and we generally ask you to pay a retainer fee, which is held in trust and applied to our statements of account as rendered.  Our statements of account are primarily based on our hourly rate and the time spent working on your matter, plus disbursements and HST.

Unbundled services & legal coaching

If you want to represent yourself, our lawyers offer unbundled legal services, limited-scope retainers or legal coaching (“unbundled services”) in appropriate cases.


If you are looking for unbundled services, when you meet with one of our lawyers, we will explain the nature of this arrangement with you and discuss the specific tasks you are hiring us for. Examples of specific tasks you might want to hire our firm for are:

Generally, our lawyers will charge their hourly rate for unbundled services. Fees will be discussed when you meet with a lawyer from our Family Law Team.


Military discount

Our Family Law Team thanks current and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces for their service and proudly offers a military discount.


Contact a member of our Family team: